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Support and Expertise in Medical Real Estate Transactions

Whether you’re ready to own your medical office space, sell your practice, or sell a property, Ballast Realty Services offers support for buyers/tenants, sellers/landlords, and for practice acquisitions.


Our services include: 


Practice Acquisitions 

Private equity acquisitions of physician groups and dental practices are on the rise. Unfortunately, many practices overlook the value that real estate adds to their practices. We offer a solution: Ballast Realty Services helps clients maximize the value-add of real estate into the final sale price. Alternatively, we can help you carve it out and treat it as a separate component in the sale.  


Due Diligence 

During this critical phase of the healthcare acquisition process, we help clients identify strengths and potential liabilities in a practice’s real estate portfolio. With extensive experience in the unique regulatory requirements of healthcare providers - including the Stark Law and the Anti-Kickback Statute - we can help to identify any healthcare real estate compliance issues. 


Landlord/Seller Representation 

We work with landlords and sellers to maximize the value of their real estate assets by attracting buyers and tenants that will bring the most value to the property. Not sure if you’re ready to sell or lease? We can help you determine the best path forward. 


Tenant/Buyer Representation

We work with buyers and tenants to help identify the best properties for their practices. Not sure if you’re ready to buy or lease? Our team will help analyze options to find a solution that’s best aligned to your goals.

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